Baby Print Bauble Kit

Ready-Made Bauble Print Kits

The print bauble is such a treasured keepsake for parents, grandparents, friends and relations. Capturing that first Christmas print, seeing how their prints change year after year, gifting it to a friend or relation or just wanting a personalised decoration - there are so many reasons for wanting a print bauble.

Our pottery painting experts have therefore created three kits for you, to do this at home, so that you can get the perfect print bauble.

Kit 1: Painted at Home By You

We provide the ceramic bauble, paints, a brush, sponge for the footprints and, most importantly, a step-by-step guide to capturing the footprints and recreating one of our favourite bauble designs (pictured below). There is even a video tutorial on YouTube. Personalised, created by you at home, but still with our guidance and expertise on hand.

Feel free to follow our exact design, or add your own variations. Then return to us for glazing and firing. Simple! 

This kit is priced at £14.50 plus the £6.50 firing fee.

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Kit 2: Hand-painted by Fun Pots

Feeling a bit uncertain about painting it yourself? We can do that for you!

You capture your little one's prints at home on the bauble using our guide, then simply post or drop your bauble back into the Studio, and one of our lovely team will complete the rest of the design (as per the images below) ready for firing. This kit contains the bauble, paints, sponge and the step-by-step guide.

This kit is priced at £22.50 plus the £6.50 firing fee.

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Kit 3: Bespoke

Have a specific design for your bauble in mind? But don't want to paint it yourself? We've a package for that too!

This kit contains the bauble, sponge and paints so you can capture the print yourself at home. But in addition, there is a design sheet for you to fill in. Simply draw your design onto the she, let us know what colours you'd like and we will do all the painting and bring it to life for you.

This kit is priced at £29.50 plus the £6.50 firing fee.

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Bauble Design

This is the lovely design you'll be able to paint yourself at home with our step-by-step guide included in Kit 1. If you'd rather we painted this for you, then opt for Kit 2. 

However, should you wish to paint something else then feel free to go off-piste with your paint at home kit (Kit 1) or commission us to do it for you (Kit 3).

Happy pottery painting and memory making!